Audio Suite

Audio Suite

A comprehensive audio editing and recording tool with audio mixing capabilities
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AudioSuite is comprised of mainly two different applications – a waveform audio editor, and a digital mixing desk. However, once inside these two main utilities you will find that AudioSuite is also an audio player, an audio analyzing tool, an audio recorder, or an audio cutter and trimmer, among a wide range of options and possibilities.

If I had to pick up just one thing, I would stick to the precision level offered by AudioSuite’s editing tool. While most audio editors boast about the possibility of selecting audio portions as small as a millisecond, this tool lets you zoom in a section of the active audio track as tiny as a tenth of a millisecond! This guarantees a precision range difficult to find in any of its competitors. And then, built around this amazing feature, you will find a plethora of utilities, audio effects, spectral analysis tools, and denoising algorithms that make AudioSuite one of the best professional audio tools available.

Among the audio effects offered, you will find all the classics, like distortion, enhance, echo, chorus, reverb, compression, reverse, etc., and also some less common ones, such as the time-pitch stretch, the multiplier, or the frequency modulator. Its noise reduction utilities are worth mentioning, complete with a click detector and remover, and a spline tool. Also worth noting are the spectral analysis tools included in the editor – a spectrum analyzer, an oscilloscope, a spectrogram, and a waterfall spectral display.

Finally, all the tools that you would expect to find in the average professional editor are also here, and then more – normalizer, wave adder, gain adjuster, compressor, graphic equalizer, fade in and out, channel swap, channel split, etc.

When it comes to editing audio, the formats supported are limited to WAV, AIFF, AU, IFF (Amiga), and Sound Blaster VOC. Thus, if you want to edit any of your MP3s or FLACs you will have to decompress them beforehand. The program’s audio player, however, can open and play back any of the formats already mentioned plus your MIDI, MP3 or WMA tracks. As for CDs, the editor comes with its own CD player.

AudioSuite comes also with a digital mixing desk that will allow you to add effects and record your own audio mixes in real time.

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  • Waveform audio editing.
  • Includes a comprehensive digital mixing desk.
  • Excellent zoom-in capabilities (down to a tenth of a millisecond!).
  • Precise editing tools.
  • Good range of sound effects available


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